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National and international events such as these are made possible through the ongoing support of strong partners and the involvement of many volunteers. A significant number of volunteers is needed to cover the tennis and other events presented throughout the week.

Are you a dynamic person with a few (or more) hours to spare? Register and join our dynamic team. Volunteer positions are open to everyone and no experience is required. Below, you will find a list of volunteer opportunities.

Admission Control and Ticket Sales

Check the validity of tickets and stamp the ticketholders. Guide spectators to their seats. Control access to the site. Ensure that the rules of etiquette and courtesy are followed during the matches. Manage ticket sales and passports. Handle money. Manage passes for VIP lodges.

Allez Hop Viens Bouger

Animate sports workshops for families. Guide participants on the site.

Ball Boys/Girls

Retrieve balls and return them to the players during matches. Junior ball boys/girls must participate in a training camp which takes place a few days before the start of the tournament. The selection will be made among registered volunteers.


Ensure that lunch periods operate smoothly. Assist in serving food and drinks. Ensure cleanliness.

Childcare Service

Control the comings and goings of children. Provide animation, workshops and child supervision. Minimum age: 14 years.

Club VIP

Serve food and drink to VIP lodge owners. Minimum age: 18 years.

Control Table

Greet players, answer their questions and provide directions. Book courts for practice sessions.

Coroplast and posters installation

Install and remove coroplasts and posters in designated areas.

Equipment Installation / Maintenance

Assist in setting up and disassembling the site. Help with equipment installation for special events held in the early evening during the week. Prepare the site early in the day. Respond to all issues related to equipment. Ensure that the site is kept clean (cottage, mobile offices, land).


Assist with the organization of special events presented during the tournament (room setup, welcoming people, etc.)..

Graphic design

Produce posters, sponsorship plan, tournament journal and promotional material.


Provide a private room, breakfast and access to a shower as well as transportation to and from your home and the site of the event (Sportheque for Futures and Parc de l’Île for the Gatineau National Bank Challenger). To register as a host family, click here.

Information technology

Maintain web site. Define the hard/software, wifi and live streaming requirements. Install computer hardware.


Control music for matches on the central court. Control the advertisements shown on the television.


Take photos of players in action, the site and various events. Photographers must provide their own equipment.

Volunteers’ Desk

Welcome volunteers. Hand over t-shirts and passes. Manage meal tickets for volunteers.

Roving Team

Act as a back-up in case of absence in any team. Fill in for specific requests and to give breaks to other volunteers.

Security and Parking

Ensure security at various key locations within the site. See that parking rules within the different parking areas are followed. Control access to restricted areas.

Tennis Excellence Fund

Promote the Tennis Excellence Fund. Sell promotional items for the Tennis Excellence Fund.


Provide transportation for players, coaches and other members of their entourage to and from the airport, the various tournament sites and the official tournament hotel. Drivers must be aged 25 and over and have a valid driver’s license. Driving records may be verified.