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National and international events such as these are made possible through the ongoing support of strong partners and the involvement of many volunteers. A significant number of volunteers is needed to cover the tennis and other events presented throughout the week.

Are you a dynamic person with a few (or more) hours to spare? Register and join our dynamic team. Volunteer positions are open to everyone and no experience is required. Below, you will find a list of volunteer opportunities.

Ball Kids

Picking up and rolling the balls during the player’s matches. ***All the ball kids (juniors) must go to the training session that takes place a few days before the tournament. A selection will be made from the registered candidates.***


Providing good service during meal time, serving meals and drinks. Keeping the bistro area clean.

Courtside Box Service

Serving food and drinks to the courtside box holders. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Event photographer

Taking pictures on-site during Special Events. The photographer must provide their own equipment.


Assist with the organization of special events presented during the tournament (room setup, welcoming people, etc.).

Excellence Scholarships

Promoting the Excellence Scholarships by selling promotional articles.

Maintenance (equipment) team

Setting up and taking down the equipment needed on site. Setting up the site early morning before practices and matches. Week days, setting up the special events at the end of the afternoon. Answering all equipment site demands during the day. Ensuring the cleanliness of the site (player’s area, offices, tennis courts).


Managing the music on Central Court. Controlling the publicity on the televisions.

Players’ Desk and Service

Greeting players, giving them their pass for the site, practice balls and towels. Answering their questions and helping them with orientation on the site. Taking practice court reservations. Ensuring control and security in the player’s area. Refilling the fruit basket and the water in the player’s lounge. Seeing to the laundry services for players and chair umpires (sending it to the cleaners). Keeping the players’ lounge clean. Making practice court reservations. Bring towels and other items on the court before the beginning of the matches and make sure the players seating area is clean.


Enter the score using software provided.

Ticket control

Ticket control and stamping. Showing the spectators to their seats. Access control to the courts. Ensuring proper etiquette and politeness during the matches.

Ticket Office

Tickets and passports sale. Answer various questions from visitors.


Transporting players and coaches to and from the airport, the sites (practice courts and main site) and the official tournament hotel. The drivers must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license. The driver’s license might be verified with the proper authorities.

VIP Welcome

Greeting VIP box holders and special guests, manage VIP boxes, service of VIP box holders special attention.

Volunteer Welcome

Greeting volunteers when they arrive for their shift, giving them their t-shirt and pass. Managing their meal and snack tickets.